Wildflower Colour Splash: Bio-Diversity (1kg/4kg)



Biodiversity is a mid-height and strikingly rich mixture of wildflower seed that is designed to attract butterflies, pollinating insects and in general, small invertebrates or vertebrate faunas. This wildflower mix provides predatory insects with food and water and will also provide food for many vertebrates.

The roots of this annual, bi-annual and perennial mixture promote soil aeration, the decomposition of organic matter and microfauna. The inclusion of Lupins will enrich soil fertility as these plants are leguminous and have the ability to ‘fix’ nitrogen from the atmosphere. It is a medium growing mix with a height of around 0.5-0.8m.

Sowing: April to mid-June

Sowing Rate: 2g/m2

Flowering: From mid-June to late September the first year, then from April to July in the following years


  • White Yarrow – Achillea millefolium
  • Large Green Basil – Ocimum basilicum
  • Mixed California Poppy – Eschscholzia californica
  • Mixed Double Barbeau Cornflower – Centaurea cyanus
  • Red Poppy – Papaver rhoeas
  • Queen of May Chrysanthemum – Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
  • Aegean Wallflower – Erysimum cheiri
  • Silvercup Mont Blanc Lavatera – Lavatera trimestris
  • Red Flax – Linum grandiflorum
  • Blue Perennial Flax – Linum perenne
  • Pixie Delight Dwarf Lupin – Lupinus nanus
  • Mixed Simple Sweet William – Dianthus barbatus
  • Calendula Pacific Beauty – Calendula officinalis
  • Mixed Thlaspi Umbellata – Iberis umbellata
  • Vipers Bugloss – Echium vulgare


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