Bag size approx. 0.6m3. Suitable for rockeries, shrubs and borders. Please see guidelines for use below.


  • Screened to 25mm
  • Reduces need for fertilisers as compost contains Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium
  • Sustainable alternative to Peat
  • Contains organic matter for good soil/media structure
  • Reduced need for liming – PH is around 7.0-8.0, so not good for acidic loving plants such as heathers
  • Contains all the main plant micronutrients such as Sulphur and Iron
  • Compost may assist in the suppression of some plant diseases because it is more biologically active than other media constituents. It is thought that the populations of micro-organisms present in some composts, may act to cause suppression of soil borne plant pathogens and this may be through a combination of factors such as competition, antibiosis.


Compost keeps best when stored in a cool, dry place. If covered to prevent risk of contamination by wind-blown weed seeds and minimizing gradual change in biological and chemical characteristics, it will keep best under a gas permeable cover. 

Safe Handling and Use
Every effort has been made to ensure this compost contains no germs, sharp fragments, toxins, or regenerative plant parts. However, Don Valley and the compost producer cannot guarantee they will never be present. As with all products of this type, wear gloves when handling and wash hands after us. During handling, avoid inhaling any dust or water vapour from it or ingesting any of it. These precautions also apply to operators of machines that spread compost.


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