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What kind of turf do I need?

This is very much dependant on your individual preference, however for a domestic front or back lawn, 99% of customers choose Don Valley GP Turf. If you require an ornamental lawn or sports lawn, a tees or greens quality turf may be more suitable.

How do I measure my garden for turf?

We supply turf per square metre, so measure the length and width of garden in metres, multiply these two amounts together and this will give you the square metres required.

Please Note: Always add 5% extra for wastage due to cutting edges and corners on the lawn.

How soon must I lay turf after delivery?

In warmer months, turf must be laid immediately after delivery to ensure maximum freshness, in cooler months between October and March the turf should be laid within 24 hours.

Why are there mushrooms appearing on my lawn? 

The appearance of mushrooms is due largely to the time of year and weather and are quite common in newly laid turf. When turf is harvested, there is a quantity of dead material incorporated in it which is broken down naturally by the actions of naturally occurring fungi and bacteria in the environment. The brown toadstools are the fruiting bodies of the fungi.

Once the dead material in the turf has been used up by the fungus it dies out and no more fungi will be produced. This is a temporary and natural process and there is no need to apply any chemical treatment. Mow the lawn to remove the toadstools for as long as they persist and within a matter of weeks, they should be gone.

Do I need topsoil under the turf?

We recommend a minimum of 6 inches or 15cm of quality topsoil to ensure that roots can establish in the soil.

How do I know how much topsoil I need?

Firstly measure the total area of the garden and multiply this amount by the depth of topsoil required. The amount will be the total m3 required i.e. 50m2 x 0.10 (10cm) = 5 cubic metres of topsoil.

Should I fertilise my lawn?

Fertiliser is very important in order to keep to your lawn looking it's best! When laying your new lawn, it is an ideal time to put fertiliser either underneath or on top of your lawn, remember to use the recommended amount as too much fertiliser can result in a scorched/burnt lawn, as can fertilising in very hot/dry weather.

Once your lawn has established, we would recommend that fertiliser is applied 4 -5 times per year between March/April and October (depending upon weather conditions).

A lack of fertiliser can result in a common condition called red thread which results in the grass looking red/pinky in colour. If you have any further questions please call us or send your enquiry by filling in the form on the Contact Us page.


What size is each roll of turf?

Turf roll dimensions are 2.45m x 0.41m or approximately 8ft long x 16 inches wide

How thick is the turf? 

Don Valley turf is between approximately ½ and ¾ inch or 1 and 2 cm thickness.

How heavy is each m2?

Each roll of turf will weigh between approximately 14 and 24kgs, this depends greatly upon weather conditions.

Can you lay my turf for me?

We don’t provide a laying service for our turf, however we are happy to supply you with contact details for landscapers in the area. 


How do I choose fertiliser?

Choosing the right fertiliser depends on what you hope to achieve, the time of year, condition of your soil and location of the grass, however we have a comprehensive guide to buying fertiliser, which you can find here.
Learn More in Our Fertiliser Guide

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