Delivery Policy

General Terms

Our deliveries are generally made by lorry and offloaded by mounted forklift on the back. Alternatively, we may use a subcontractor, but in this event, we would check that an offload facility is available at the delivery address.

Deliveries are kerbside, however if there is sufficient access into a driveway or entrance, we will do our best to deliver the goods into this area. Deliveries cannot be made over fences/ gates ect, as we do not deliver by hi-ab.

Don Valley have scheduled days each week for delivery to certain areas of the North and North East of Scotland. We will do our best to arrange delivery for your preferred date, otherwise we will offer an alternative date.

We are able to deliver without you being present, but with unattended deliveries, we will not accept responsibility for theft or damage to the product, vehicles, or other property resulting from the positioning of the delivery.

Our lorries are either 26, 32 or 44 tonne curtain side/ articulated lorries, so it is very important that you inform us of any issues which may result from overhanging branches/trees, weight restrictions, low bridges or parked cars etc enroute to your delivery address, which may in turn postpone or make it impossible to deliver the goods. Our lorries are much larger than oil heating lorries so please be considerate to mention any potential issues.

We require a minimum entrance of 3m (10ft) approx, so unfortunately, we cannot deliver into a narrower entrance than the above mentioned width.

We will endeavour to deliver the goods on the agreed date, but if for any reason, this is not possible, we will not accept liability in any way, for the delay of goods, either partly or wholly.

Where a delivery is not possible due to poor access, or where we have difficulties reaching the address due to obstructions or incorrect directions have been provided, a minimum delivery charge of £36.00 will be incurred, however the charge may be greater depending upon the distance travelled from our depot.

Turf Deliveries

Our turf is delivered on pallets which generally hold 68m2. We are happy to accept return of pallets to our depot, but we are unable to make special collections for empty pallets from the delivery address. We reserve the right to refuse the return of any pallets which are broken or don’t originate from our depot.

Where a delivery is not possible due to poor access for the delivery, or we have difficulties getting to the address due obstructions etc or where incorrect instructions have been provided, we reserve the right to charge the full amount for the goods, as turf is a perishable product, and it will most likely be unable to be re-sold in good condition.

Bulk Bag Deliveries

Our bulk bags are delivered by lorry and unloaded by a moffett mounty forklift.

We are not able to accept the return of empty bags as they are one trip bags.