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Don Valley was founded in 2001 by Andrew Allan and his father Duncan Allan, as a diversification of the family farm. With the family’s generations of experience in agriculture and a desire to create a sustainable business for the future, the first turf was harvested in 2002.

Andrew’s wife Alison joined the business in 2004. Andrew and Duncan started with 12 acres of turf, and whilst the company has grown significantly over the years, it is still a family business run by the same family members.

Don Valley’s turf has been installed in thousands of homes and businesses across North-east Scotland, and is renowned for its quality and longevity, coping well with the variable climate.

Don Valley is also a large supplier of artificial turf to both retail and trade customers, using a purpose built carpet cutting machine, allowing for exact pieces to be cut avoiding waste and excess in your project.

Don Valley is also able to supply both amenity and agricultural grass seed mixtures. We have our very own mixing plant, which allows us to create mixtures for both the amenity market as well as for agricultural requirements.

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We have over 20 years of knowledge and expertise and can help you find the right product for your needs, whether it is for a residential lawn, football pitch, or manicured golf course.

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