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Turf vs grass seed – which is best for your new lawn?

March 1, 2022
Don Valley

You’ve decided to give your garden a new lease of life. Maybe the neighbours have a lush green lawn and garden envy has gotten the better of you.

But you can’t decide whether to go down the route of turf or grass seed to get that deep green look that will last for years to come.

In this blog we are going to try to help you make that decision by comparing the pros and cons of each.

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Pros and cons of Turf 

When you want a good looking lawn with minimal effort, turf is definitely the best option. With it you get instant good looking grass without needing to worry about choosing the right seed variety. 

As the grass grows evenly, there is less chance of patching and you can use your new grass within three weeks, once it’s bedded in.

However, as turf is perishable, it needs to be laid as soon as you get it, otherwise it will dry out and die and it can be a little more difficult to work into awkward shapes, but it’s not impossible with the right cutters.

The biggest downside is that it’s more expensive than grass seed and requires a bit of muscle power to lay, but you are paying for a quality product that is convenient and will look good quickly.

Link: Choosing the right turf for your garden

What about grass seed?

It’s no secret that we love turf and think it is an ideal product for almost any situation. However, as the space being covered gets bigger, the cost can increase substantially with potentially a large amount of offcuts and waste. 

With seed you will have more options and a choice of specialist grass varieties which can be stored and used when you need it rather than having to lay immediately like turf.

With tools like a wheeled spreader, it is much lighter work to spread across the area, and can easily shape around borders, not to mention that it’s cheaper too.

However, if not laid evenly, seed can lead to patches as areas may take more easily than others, plus pesky birds will try to steal the seeds laid, on smaller areas you might be able to cover, but on larger areas this will be almost impossible.

While grass seed is a great solution for covering a large or uneven area it can take months to get full-looking coverage and it is particularly susceptible to extreme high or low temperatures.

Link: Lawn turf prep guide

Whichever option you choose we are always happy to help by email, over the phone or even in person at our family farm near Inverurie.

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  1. I’m planning on laying turf over the next couple of weeks, after I’ve prepped and laid out small areas of areas that I won’t turf. Conscious of the need to lay turf immediately can you tell me how long the lead in time from order to delivery. I expect I will require c 25 sq.m. and live in Middlemuir Road, Inverurie.