How to choose the right turf for your garden

March 1, 2022
Don Valley

You’ve decided to lay a new lawn and know you are going to use turf, but how do you know how much to order and what to look for when buying it?

In this blog we are going to answer these questions to help you get exactly what you need – plus if you would like more detailed information about the process of buying and laying turf, you can check out our handy turf preparation guide.

How much turf should I buy?

High quality turf is definitely an investment, but it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to transform the look of your garden. When you have measured the square meterage of your space, we will advise you how many rolls you will need to buy, we always recommend ordering an additional 5% to allow for leftovers and offcuts to fill in any small or awkwardly shaped spaces. Any other left over can be easily composted.

However if you do find yourself caught short, we can easily supply you with an extra roll or two at short notice to fill in any gaps.

Check out our Lawn Turf Prep Guide for further information.

What to look for when buying turf?

Turf might not be a glamorous product, nor is it particularly complex, but buying a poor-quality product will lead to a patchy lawn needing intensive treatment to put right, to the point of having to be replaced in some cases. To avoid this there are five key considerations to remember when you go to buy your turf:

  1. The rolls should have some moisture without being completely wet
  2. The grass should be vivid green with good depth
  3. Quality turf will have straight edges making it easier to lay
  4. There should be no holes and as few cracks as possible in the soil, while the grass should have no yellow patches or weeds
  5. Look out for rolls with obvious stones which could make them fragile and heavy
  6. Be aware of rolls with yellowed edges

While you can order your turf from us and we will deliver it, you are also welcome to come along to our farm and collect it yourself, that way you can inspect it before it leaves to be sure you are 100% happy with it.

Do you need to hire a professional to lay your turf?

If you have been thinking of buying turf yourself, it is perfectly possible to lay it yourself. However, there is a large amount of preparation that needs to be carried out in advance  to the ground before you can use it. If the soil in your garden is in good condition and free of stones and debris, this could be straightforward, however if you need to clear the soil first, it may be worth bringing in the professionals.

A good reason for getting a landscaper to lay your turf is that they will likely have the means to dispose of rocks, debris or turf off-cuts for you.

We also have a handy Lawn Turf Aftercare Guide to keep your turf looking its best!

Next steps

When you are ready to order, we would advise giving us a call or email to talk through the best time to order and to discuss delivery or collection – that way you can be sure of minimal fuss on the day.

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