Quality Topsoil and Bark


Our screened topsoil is graded through a 25mm screener and is suitable for rockeries, borders and vegetable areas. Topsoil can either be delivered in large bags (approx 0.6m3) or collected from our depot in bags or loose.

Nursery/Decorative/Play Bark

Nursery bark is ideal for borders and shrubs, around trees and it will also help to suppress weeds.  Size range is 5-10mm.

Decorative bark is again ideal for borders, shrubs and rockeries.

Play bark is perfect for play areas and nurseries, this pure pine/mixed conifer product is a clean and soft surface which remains effective over a long period of time. This product drains well and dries rapidly and requires minimal maintenance; size range – 20-60mm.

These products can be delivered in large bags (approx 0.6m3 ) or collected from our depot in bags or loose.

Please find below the formula required to work out quantity of topsoil/bark required:

Area x Depth required in Centimetres = m3 of product i.e. 100m2 x 0.10m = 10m3


Our 12mm green compost is a soil improver made from green and woody plant material and is ideal for plants, shrubs and vegetable gardening.

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